1 – The service is offered to report violence with a free phone call.



STOP VIOLENCE is an emergency service.

You can use it when you or somebody that you know is experiencing
Family Violence, police intervention can be lifesaving.

With Women’sHelpLine Switzerland
online counseling, you can access free professional support, no matter where
you are in Switzerland.

Our qualified counselors specialize in family and relationship
issues, including relationship breakdown, separation and divorce, parenting,
family violence, suicide prevention and emotional well-being.

Counseling is a conversation between a trained mental health
professional and someone who wants to talk about their worries and concerns,
and/or work through their mental and social health issues.

All staff members managing our telephone or online counseling
services are qualified professional counselors, social workers or
psychologists, trained to follow a contextual counseling and problem solving
process to listen, understand, and help you find ways to feel better.

You do not require a medical referral to initiate contact. This
means you can access free professional counseling anywhere, at a time that is
convenient to you.

Need to talk to someone?

Women’sHelpLine Switzerland offers free
professional 24/7 telephone counseling support for women with concerns about
mental health, anger management, family violence, relationship, stress and

Besjana Xhani
Ph.D. Social Worker
Systemic therapist and counselor in individual, couples, and family therapy.
Director of the service “Stop Violence” Media WAW, Bern, Switzerland

+41 78 261 52 62

This service is offered  FREE by Media WAW!

This service is offered  FREE by Media WAW!