2- Integration services


A- Language courses of the country where you live

When you move away from your home country, the first thing you should do is learn the language of the country where you are going to live.

B- Adaptation to the country where you will emigrate.

Is it important to know so many important things when you decide to live in a new country. Where are the schools located, also works, markets, parks, how transportation works, and national traditions.

C- Knowledge of the labor market

This service focuses on evaluating your skills and determining how to apply them in order to be recognized for a job (recognition of diplomas and certificates, as well as cv adjustments).

D- Administrative services.

Planning to put together files to send to institutions.

E- Services for legal recognition

In a country where you emigrate, it is very important to know the laws about the life we lead in order to respect the law and not to receive fines and penalties.

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