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International Board

  • International Board

The International Board is composed of  unlimited number of members that have given a remarkable contribution in their respective countries of residence. The members of the International Board are elected by the Committee. They have a 3-year mandate which can be renewed only once.

The members of the International Board act on voluntary basis and have the competences of ensuring the interconnection  with Albanian community’s interests and the national institutions of the countries where they live, by suggesting new project ideas and concrete financial proposals in order to accomplish the objectives of the association at international levels


Anila Hyka Smorgrav

Anila brings experience of over 25 year in different social and economic environments in different countries of Europe and USA. She is specialized in the telecom sector and IT, project management and contract negotiation, transactions management, digital transformation strategies of enterprises including development of new products.

Anila has worked intensively for both the private  and  public sectors in Albania, Norway, USA, France and Switzerland. She currently holds the post of Engagement Director relating to projects at Orange Business Services (part of Orange Group) in large business departments that manage over 170 French clients and international corporations with revenues of over 2 billion €.

Apart from the activities related to the professional aspect, Anila has been committed, for several years, to non-profit activities promoting education, culture, and integration of the albanian diaspora as Coach/support being part of the initiative of Orange “Super Codeurs” – promoting programming in elementary schools with kids from 9-12 years old. She has given her contribution as a volunteer in the projects of Orange Foundation, in collaboration with associations in order to promote “Professional Life of engineering women” in high schools or by helping students in the marginalized areas.

In April 2019, Anila has been chosen member of the Coordinating Council of the Diaspora, and in February 2019 she  received the award “Nation’s Ambassador” from the albanian government and since 2018 she has been President of the Franko-Albanian association “Albania”, whose main office is in Paris.



Aida is highly motivated Albanian/English language and Literature graduate who is keen to build on a rewarding career, in a challenging position, within a progressive company where professional knowledge and expertise can be developed whilst building upon existing skills, knowledge and experience. She has over fourteen years’ experience in teaching, interpreting and as well coordinating and development of projects within supplementary schools across London, in partnership with other organization such as the British Museum and other London government bodies. And having been a professional Language Trainer, teaching the FCO students for the past 5 years, Aida has developed a strong lesson plan for this teaching environment.

Aurela Konduri

Aurela is a Teacher of Albanian language, researcher in bilingualism, culture, education and society.

In 2016 she was awarded the “Golden Eagle” Trophy in the category “Learn Albanian” at the First Summit of the Albanian Diaspora in Tirana. Also, in 2018 she was awarded the “HARPA” Activist of the Year Award 2018 by the “HARPA” Foundation in Fier, with the motivation: “To give great help in spreading and preserving the Albanian language in the Greek state”

Aurela has been working as a volunteer of Albanian language teacher in Thessaloniki for about 8 years at the Albanian Mother Theresa Immigrant Association.

Aurela has participated in numerous presentations at international scientific conferences in Greece and nationwide seminars on Albanian language in Albania and Kosovo and has been involved in many European projects and scientific research in collaboration with Aristotle University of Crete and University of Tirana.

Blerina Dula

Blerina Dula is born and raised in Gjakova and moved to Sydney, Australia in 2002 where she finished her studies in Tourism Industry at Travel and Tourism Institute in Sydney, Australia.

Since then, for the past 15 years Blerina has worked for major global tourism companies such as: Pan Pacific Hotels Group, Merlin Entertainments Group and Expedia Group specializing in different fields such as: inbound, hotels, attractions and online.

From 2017-2019 Blerina moved back to Kosovo and worked in different successful tourism projects with Swiss Contact/ PPSE, USAID, UNDP and Ministry of Trade Industry – Department of Tourism by bringing global to the local.

Blerina’s knowledge in Tourism field is an asset for Kosovo and Albania and she promotes both countries whenever she can.


Fitije has a Master’s degree in Zootechnical Sciences at the University of Agriculture in Tirana and  worked for several years in her specialization, covering management roles. In 1994 she emigrated to Italy, where she obtained the recognition of her Master’s degree and specialized in Real estate Management. She is currently a freelance Real estate Manager with 18 years of professional career, registered with the Italian national association of the real estate managers. Her professional experience and the will to improve her native Country have allowed her to participate in the drafting of the law on the profession of Real estate Manager in Albania at the Ministry of Urban Development and Tourism. In Italy she is co-founder and co- director of the association Te integrohemi se bashku (Let’s integrate together), with the aim of helping the integration of foreign women in Italian society.



Fitore Qirezi

Fitore was a candidate for member in the Parliament of the Republic of Northern Macedonia in the last elections.

Fitore has many years of experience in the field of journalism and she is currently a lecturer in Albanian language and literature and chief editor of the children’s magazine “Shkendija”.

For several years she held the possition of Consultor to the Mayor of Cair, a member of the leadership of the Women’s Forum for the Democratic Union for Integration party, and a member of the Committee on Culture in the Municipality of Cair (Skopje).

Fitore has led the Association for the Protection and Promotion of Women’s Rights – ELAN in Northern Macedonia for many years and has made an extraordinary contribution as a trainer in many projects related to women’s rights, the advancement of Albanian women in economy, culture and health.



Lindita majored in Leadership at Fort Hays State University, Kansas USA.

She was the President of the “Korabi” non-profit organization whose mission was to help children in extreme poverty with basic needs and funding for education.

As a Human Rights Activist she has been a strong voice for women’s rights, for LGBTQ people, for people with disabilities, for women raped during the war in Kosovo, protests for immigration reform, etc.

She was the creator and coordinator of the “Youth leadership development” program. She is the Producer and moderator of the show “Your Voice” on Albania TV Chicago. Whose mission is to promote and give voice to Albanian women who are inspiring role models with their valuable work and contribution to making the world a better place.



Liza Gashi

Liza is an expert in public policies, co-founder and executive director of GERMIN organization, an ONG that supports the principles and the idea that the Diaspora plays a big role in the positive development of the Western Balkan countries.

She has also founded and is in charge of the United World Colleges Committee in Kosovo, which has awarded scholarships for high-school students in Kosovo so that they can follow KUB in 17 different countries in the world.

In her background, Liza carries a lot of experience in managing several projects, high-quality analysis of data, and the commitment of different actors in different countries.

Liza finished her Masters studies in Public Administration at the State University of Arizona and possesses a Bachelor degree at the Wartbrug College in Political Sciences, International Relations and Spanish. She has graduated at the World United College in Costa Rica and has studied at the National University of Cordoba in Argentina.

Ingrid Mukeli Tendler

After completing her studies in film directing, at the Higher Institute of Arts, in 1988, she was named director of different artistic television programs such as “Koha ne pentagramin tim” – and different music shows during 1995-1997. “Jo vetëm Kafe”, was a show that attracted a great deal of audience, in which she has been the author, host and the director at the same time.

Ingrid is the author of several TV shows, she is a music and literature editor, and the TV host and director of “Yesterday” – things you will never forget- a TV show about music and art in the World during the 50s’, 60s’, 70s’ and 80s’ and she selected several movies of different genres, very highly rated by AFI (American Film Institute).

In 2016, Ingrid became part of “Glanzing Tendler Performances” association, the mission of which is the “Cultural Diplomacy”, promoting art and successful Albanian artists, by “placing” them in the same scene as their colleagues from other countries.

In 2017, Ingrid organized “Vienna Salutes Tirana”- which held at “Konzerthaus”, one of the most prestigious operas in Austria and Europe, sponsored by the “Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Austria” (BMEIA) & “Glanzing Tendler Performances”. The same show has also been held in the “Palace of Congresses”, and marks the beginning of the “Cultural Year” between Austria and Albania in Tirana.

Ingrid possesses a Master of Applied Arts at the University of Vienna in Art Management.


Magda Myrtezai

Magda has been working for 20 years in the media (press), she has been involved in the education and orientation of young people and has also coordinated and written books in this field.


She has participated in many expositions of the journal “L’étudiant” and Onisep (National office of information on teaching and professions, under the tutelage of the Ministry of National Education). Magda has also worked as an iconograph (selection of photos, shooting and text editing) for several magazines such as “Design and Decoration” and she has been a translator for the Ministry of Defense.


Magda hold a Master’s degree in History and Geography at the University of Paris Nanterre and a degree as Librarian and Documentalist at the Catholic Institute of Paris (ICP).


Her hobbies are reading, art, photography and culture. She’s curious and able to make easy contacts with other people and has the ability to adapt to different situations.


She has a 17-year old daughter.

Remzije (Rema) Zeka-Sherifi

Remzije is cofounder of  Albscott, Albanian /Scottish association and for more than 15 years directing  Maryhill Integration Network (MIN)  to support and  to create a unique, safe and welcoming environment, to enable  communities to come together to share and explore the richness of cultural diversity in Scotland, and encourage people to participate, contribute and embrace opportunities.

She believes that the arts is a powerful way to reach out and change attitudes, culminating in MIN publications, exhibitions, costume making and fashion displays, international choir, contemporary & folk dance ,theatre production,  events at local ,city-wide and national levels.

In 2006 Rema established “Echo”, first international dance and theatre production in Scotland. In partnership with Barrowland ballet, she has produced more than 15  theatre productions exploring refugee plight, journeys of death, settlement and issues faced by new communities in Scotland performed across Scotland and 8 of production’s performed at Theatre Royal. Remzije’s   book “Shadow Behind the Sun” which was published in 2007 was short listed for the Saltire Prize and for Scottish Arts Council first book prizes. It recounts her experiences as a refugee and contains interviews with asylum seekers describing the conditions in which they live, placing them at the heart of the tragedy of exile.

Rema is no stranger to awards, in 2009 she was the Winner of The Evening Times’ Glasgow Community Champion Public Service Individual Award  and  in 2010 Winner of The Evening Times’ Glasgow Community Champion of Champions Award.

She also received Community Champion Award for Arts and Culture from the Scottish Minority Ethnic Achievement Committee, UK migrant women of the year 2013, a Soltire Outstanding Women of Scotland 2017. Last year Rema, on 45 Anniversary of Radio Gjilan -Kosovo, has received a special recognition,  for her contribution and work at this radio station. This year she is the winner of special Scottish Women in Business Spotlight Award.

Remka Huruglica

Remka Huruglica is a Canadian-Albanian journalist and activist who started the Albanian Canadian radio show “Radio e Diela” in Toronto, Canada in 2011. Remka attended the University of Prishtina where she studied Language & Literature however, she always had a passion for the journalistic arts. She approached CHIN radio with the idea to host a show where Albanian listeners can enjoy music and news from the local Albanian community as well as around the world. Aside from hosting the radio show, Remka has organized many fundraisers in the last 8 years to collect funds for impoverished families in both Albania & Kosovo. In the last 20 years, Remka has volunteered for organizations such as the Terry Fox Foundation and is avidly involved in campaigning for the Liberal Party of Canada. Remka is also the founder of the Canadian-Albanian Women’s Association which currently holds 50 members. Her current profession is in interior design.