September 21 2022

In September 21 2022, the third Diaspora Summit of Business Women, with the subject of
“Woman for Sustainable Development “, was held in Tirana, supported by The Diaspora
Business Chamber, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Albania, and donors : GIZ and IOM .
The Summit’s overall goal was to promote women’s leadership, improve public-private dialogue
for new engagement opportunities, and expand their role as business leaders.
The activity aims to convey valuable information about business opportunities in Albania and
beyond through presentations and panel discussions, as well as to serve as a platform for
presenting stories and inspiring models of successful women in business and beyond wide.
Mirela Mezani from Switzerland represented the WAW organization, as did board members
internationally Nevila Dudaj from USA, Aida Harizi from London, Anila Hyka from France,
Fitije Picari from Italy, and Aurela Konduri from Greece.
The latest WAW Media project at the WAW Diaspora Women’s Business Summit was
“The application of Albanian speakers services throughout the world,” with WAW Services
taking the lead.
1-Report any violence.
2-Services of Integration
3-Services of mediation
For more information about the Media WAW can be found on our website.

June 13 2022

On June 13, 2022, the second session : Topic “Smoking prevention methods”
With coach Ibish Neziri.


May 31 2022

The Federation of Health in Switzerland & Women Alb World organized the project with the theme “Live without smoke”

On May 31, 2022, on the international day to quit smoking, we held an online meeting with the Albanian Cardiologist in Switzerland, Dr. Florim Cuculi.

For almost two hours we had a conversation with the Doctor about the cardiological problems caused by smoking but not only.

March 13 2022

Coffee meeting with Albanian women, organized betweenEPER (Swiss Protestant Mutual Aid) and WAW (Women Alb World).

September 18 2021

On September 18, 2021 the first activity between WAW (Women Alb World) and EPER(Swiss Protestant Mutual Aid) took place.

“Security System in Switzerland”.

We would like to thank Mrs.Luljeta Hajzeraj, the director of activity for EPER (Swiss Protestant Mutual Aid), for professionally answering countless questions in Albanian from participants about the legal changes in this system and the possibility of receiving a maximum pension.

April 28 2021

Public Health Federation in Switzerland and WAW (Women Alb World) organized in Albanian an online meeting in Zoom.

The topic was : “Covid-19 and the process of vaccination in Switzerland”

Participants : Mrs.Valbona Hysenaj Myftari is a famous Albanian doctor in Argau, Switzerland.


14 February 2021

a webinar took place, the subject that was discussed there was : “Equality gender in focus on the eve of early elections for the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo”.

Participants : Majlinda Lulaj, Valentina Bejtullahu Turjaku, Valdete Idrizi, Nasille Balla, Makbule Shkodra, Adelina Fazlija, Liza Gashi.


05 February 2021

WAW visited the Center for the promotion of women’s rights in Drenas with mrs.Feride Rushiti.

They met the director there, and ensured them that the donation of 650 CFH will only be the beginning.

April 1 2021

On 30.03.2021 the Webinar took place with added interest with the subject :

“Gender equality in the focus of the April 25 elections Albania”.

Participants : Mrs.Eglantina Gemenji (PS), Mimoza Hajdarmataj(PD), Nora Malaj (LSI), Alba Dervishi (Democratic Persuasion), Megi Tirana (Movement for Change), and Algerta Plakaxhiu(Nisma Thurje) from competing political forces.

OSCE Ms.Sihana Nebiu and Mrs.Etleva Sheshi representative of Avokati I Popullit.

Academic Nevila Xhindi, Edlira Cepani coordinator women’s network for gender equality, Vali Qyrfyci communication manager, Erjona Rusi journalist at Top Channel.

A special thanks to the co-moderator e webinar, Mrs. AnilaHyka Smorgrav, Fortesa Mustafa, who took the pictures.


January 26 2021

Public Health Federation in Switzerland and WAW (Women Alb World) organized in Albanian an online meeting in Zoom.

The subject of this webinar was : “The implementation of protective measures against covid 19 among Albanians in Switzerland”.

Participants : Dr.Valbona Myftari


December 2020

Due to the Covid-19, Women Alb World held the General Assembly online through the Zoom Platform.


September 2020

Women Alb World has organized an event in Geneva on September 19, 2020, with the theme: “Participation of Women and Girls in Leadership, An Example of Integration for the Albanian-speaking Community.”

Participants :

Z. Sami Ukelli- Kosovo’s ambassador in Bern

Zj. Vjosa Osmani- Head of the Assembly of Kosovo;

Prof. Dr. Sokrat Sinaj- Member of the Coordinating Council Diaspora to Switzerland

Zj. Liza Gashi- founder of Germin company; Activist for human rights; former Deputy Minister of Works Foreign as well as member of the international board in Join WAW

Zj. Xhevrije Osmani- Deputy of the Canton Assembly Geneva;

Zj. Michele Künzle- Mayor of Vernier Municipality and ex Councilor of the Mayor of Geneva, supporter of the Albanian community;

Zj. Arbela Statovci- Chairman of the Liberal Party, politician and sipèrmarrèse in Zurich;

Zj. Sonia Anaïs Behilil- Ambassador to Switzerland of UYOLO as well as activists in various integration projects and education;

Prof. Fadil Citaku- Founder of the Leadership Academy

Avni Dervishi – Advisor for cooperation international and gender equality in Sweden;

Zj. Edlira Cepani- National Coordinator of the Network Women’s Equality in Decision-Making in Albania

Zi. Viosa Gervalla- Co-founder and director of platformè, Producer of the show “Diversity”; – The center for abused women

Zj. Feride Rushiti- Director of the Kosovar Center for rehabilitation of survivors of torture and violence sexual;

Zj. Flutura Xhabija- President of SHKPAZ Grate Society business professional and craftsman in Albania;

Zj. Afrodita Beadini – painting exhibition in time pandemic;

Zj. Anila Hyka- Vice President of the Coordinating Council diaspora as well as manager of many projects France;

Zj. Remka Huruglica- founder of the association of Alb-Kos- Women’s Club; as the host of a show in the language Albanian in Toronto, Canada

Zj. Lindita Semanjak- human rights activist, creator of the platform “You can” New York

Zj. Aida Haziri- activist, Albanian language professor Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Great Britain

Zj. Lindita Durmishi- former political candidate in Switzerland:

Zj.Fitore Qirezi – Teacher in Skopje and President of Shogatesfor the promotion of women’s rights “ELAN

Zj. Aurela Konduri – Albanian language teacher in Greece;;

Zi. Fitije Picari – professional in the administration field and real estate agencies in Italy.

Zj. Aida Haziri- activist, Albanian language professor

Foreign Ministry in Great Britain;

Zj. Lindita Durmishi- former political candidate in Switzerland;

Zj.Fitore Qirezi – Teacher in Skopje and President of Association for the promotion of women’s rights “ELAN”;

Z. Rexhep Gashi- Scientist and President of “Shoqate se inxhiniereve” in Switzerland;

Z. Adem Osmani dhe Zj. Florije Osmani- entrepreneurs in real estate

Thanks to :

Nettoyage energy company in management of Mrs. TeutaRashiti si also to “Celesi i biznesit” company.

Mrs.Klorenta Nitaj for taking the photographs of the event.

The purpose of this activity was not only to identify and network with women and girls in leadership from different countries, but as well to forward positive messages from various actors in politic; diplomacy; civil society; academy; media etc. focusing on the important role played by women and girls everywhere in the Diaspora.

Together we can be a different voice for Albanian women and girls wherever they live and work.



May 2020

We are delighted to announce our new partnership and new sponsor with UYOLO!

The Uyolo Fund is a non-profit organization with the goal of raising awareness on the global challenges we are facing today by facilitating the access to, and the sharing of, information on social, humanitarian and environmental issues.

Together with our new partnership we are striving to achieve the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (Agenda 2030) with a special focus on education; gender equality and reduction of inquiries.

Follow us:




Dear Madam,
Dear Sir,
The International Association “Women Alb World” based in Geneva, Switzerland, in cooperation with the National Chamber of Crafts in Albania, are pleased to invite you to participate at the event:
“Disclosure of the Albanian economic and cultural values and empowerment of Albanian women through micro business promotion and development” which will be held on:
Sunday, March 8, 2020 (hours 10:00 -18:00)
Venue: Hotel & Restaurant Bären, St.Urbanstrasse 1, 4900
Langenthal – Switzerland
The purpose of this activity is to present the values of the Albanian culture/crafts as well as to promote women’s entrepreneurship through the organization of a Business Fair, a Thematic Forum and the creation of Network opportunities.
Your participation honors us and is important in the context of networking and empowerment of Albanian women entrepreneurs in Albania, Kosovo and Diaspora.
For logistical reasons, please contact us at the following: email: or phone: 0041 (0) 76 358 77 96 and confirm your participation in this event by the latest 4/3/2020.



The International Society “Women Alb World” had the pleasure of welcoming you and laying the groundwork for a fruitful collaboration with Kosovo’s Ministry of Diaspora and Strategic Investments. The donation of the Kosovo Declaration of Independence by Mrs. Shqipe Krasniqi, Director of the Department of Research and Investment Support Diaspora, was an exciting moment for us. Women’s diaspora flight is significant, but women’s entrepreneurial flight is even greater.

Moment emocionues për ne ishte dhurimi i Deklaratës së Pavarësisë së Kosovës nga Drejtoresha e Departamentit të Kërkimeve dhe Mbështetjes së Investimeve të Diaspores, Zj. Shqipe Krasniq.

Fuqia e gruas në diasporë është e madhe, por fuqia e gruas në sipërmarrje është akoma më e madhe.

Është koha të bashkojmë fuqitë e të tregojmë çfarë jemi të zonjat të bëjmë.

Së bashku mundemi



The International Association “Women Alb World” began its journey on November 1&2 in Geneva with a two-day event.

The day began with a visit to the United Nations Organization (UN) and participation in a parliamentary session in the Canton of Geneva’s Parliament, followed by a friendly dinner between special guests and the international board.

Thank you, on behalf of the WAW management team, to Ms. Flutura Xhabia, President of SHGPAZ, for being a leader who has led the women’s business association since 1992, and for serving as an inspiration to our organization.

Thanks to :, Mr..Bahri Troja, political representative from Austria;
Z. Avni Dervish,former politician and globalist on issues of gender equality:

International board members :
Ms. Anila Hyka Smorgrav from France;
Ms. Aurela Konduri- Greece
Ms. Fitore Qirezi-North Macedonia;
Ms.Lindita Durmishi Osmani-Switzerland;
Ms. Liza Gashi- Kosovo;
 Ms. Ingrid Mukelo Tendler- Austria;
Ms. Magda Myrtezai- France;
Ms. Remzije Zeka (Sherifi)- Scotland;
Zj.Remka Huruglica- Canada;
Zj. Xhevahire Miftari- Klöpper, Germany;

which you can find out more about by visiting the official website

To continue with an even more intense massive activity on November 2.

We’d like to thank We appreciate the presence of the representative of the Kosovo Embassy in Bern Ms. Valbona Fazliu (Rrecaj);
The representative of the Consulate of Zürich Ms.Shukrie Ramadani;

Consul of Kosovo in Geneva, z.Ramadan Avdiu;
Representative of the Albanian Embassy in Bern Ms. Elona Dushallari;

We thank the guests on the collaborators panel.

Mr. Qamil Isufi, President of RRBSHZ;
Mr.Velush Orllati from Orllati Group SA;
President of the Academy of Leadership-Science in Switzerland, Prof.Dr. Fadil Çitaku;
President of the Society of Engineers in Switzerland, Mr.Rexhep Gashi;
Head of the project sector at the Diaspora Development Fund, Ms. Suela Kalia;
The representative from the UNIA Geneva Union, Ms. Linda Redzaj;
Mr. Lirim Begzati from Mlaw & Brevet de Notaire;
Mr.Brendon Morina, Director of  UniConseil (Assurance Prévoyance Fiscalitè);
Ms. Fortesa Mustafa, excellent students, and you can get acquainted with their presentations by contacting them at

We thank all the leaders of the associations in Switzerland who honored us with their presence.

A thank you goes to the Committee member Mrs. Teuta Rashiti who prepared the activity buffet with traditional Albanian food as well as all the volunteer boys and girls who assisted us with technical assistance for the success of this event.

WAW International Association is officially now in the market of challenges for the female world.

Partnership with men, solidarity for women.

Together we can!
WAW administrative staff

© Photo copyright Mr. Klevis Terpini.


Women Alb World International Association presents “General Assembly meeting”, in Geneva,

on Saturday, November 02, 2019 (09:30-17:30)

at Center Social Protestant, Rue du Village – Suisse 14 Geneva

The aim of this activity is to introduce and disclose the strategy of the “Women Alb World” International Association, establish a networking among women wherever they live, work and serve as good examples of integration as well as get proposals for new projects related to the aim and the strategy of the association.

“Women Alb World” International Association, its headquarters being in Geneva, aims at accessing the standards of the well integrated women either professionally and culturally to the rest of women that really need to have good role models of integration and support in order to reach these high levels of integration.

Looking forward to see you there,


2 November 2019 (09:30-17:30 Geneva time)  

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Draft Agenda”]


30 Mars 2019, Shoqata Internacionale “Women ALB-World” me seli në Gjenevë, zj. Mirela Mezani udhëtoi me ftesë të Lobit Euro-Atllantik Shqiptar ( LEASH-it)drejt Freiburg – Gjermani për takimin e rradhës  ” Riorganizim I LEASH-it ” .

Patëm rastin të takojmë e të prezantojmë Shoqatën me Profesorë, Doktorë, Lobistë e Veprimtarë të fushave të ndryshme intelektuale e jo vetëm.

Përgëzoj organizatorët për këtë frymë hapje ndaj Intelektualeve Shqiptarë në këtë riorganizim të LEASH-it,

Falenderoj shoqatën  ” Skanderbeg ” për punën me asamblin e valleve si dhe nënat e fëmijëve për darkën e mbrekullueshme me shije Shqiptare.

Shihemi së shpejti në aktivitete gjithëpërfshirëse.


Shoqata Internacionale “Women ALB-World” me ftesë të

“Academy of Leadership Sciences Switzerland”- Institute of Business ( ALSS), i pari Institut Edukimi për Lidershipin (Themelues & CEO Prof.Dr.Fadil Çitaku), mori pjesë në

Global Woman Leadership Forum Switzerland 2019.

Studime shkencore, shembuj të suksesshëm, orientime drejt leadership.




On May 24 & 25, 2019, in Pristina, the International Association “Women ALB-World” participated in the Economic Forum of European Businesses.

A thank you to the main organizer USAID for supporting the project. Such activities have a massive positive impact.

– Meetings of local businesses with Diaspora businesses with the aim of increasing exports to Europe as well as increasing investments towards Kosovo through the mediation of Diaspora businesses.

– Only by getting to know each other and creating a network can we reach successful collaborations.

– To rely on success stories that are inspiring.

– Politics should be part of such Forums not only to applaud its own successes but to listen to local and Diaspora businesses in building institutional bridges to help the process.


“Women Alb World” International Association, part of International Academic activities,

“Women Alb World” are pleased that they have been invited at the 5th lecture series: “Women in World Affairs”, reaching for the Stars- Entrepreneurial success as a woman, organized by the Global Studies Institute in collaboration with the Permanent Mission of United States of Americas in Geneva.

An inspired talk by Mrs. Anoushe Ansari, first female private space explorer, first astronaut of Iranian descent, first Muslim woman in space, and fourth private explorer to visit space.

“As much as we dream, as much we can do,” Mrs. Ansari quoted in her speech.

Through early education, we can break the barriers and challenges in our role as women, for more gender equality in social and science field.

Geneva, 29th May, 2019


How to take steps forward in international law?

Women Alb World particate today in an international event organized by Academy of Geneva in cooperation with Atlas Network.

Women from different professional backgrounds shared their experiences through a very interactive discussion on how to lead by success a career in international level, what are the main challenges and some advices to build the professional spaces.

For us, as women it is very important to get a balance between carrier and family, networking and support each others.

Geneva, 05.06.2019


On 14.06.2019 in Switerzland the largest women’s strike was held, Geneva had an extraordinary participation

The International Association Women Alb World was also there with the slogan “Society begins with women’s rights”

Together we can!


At the invitation of the Embassy of Kosovo in Bern, under the special care of the Ambassador of Kosovo Mrs. Breca, the International Association “Women Alb World”, participated in the informative session “Investment Climate in Kosovo”.

Senior officials of Kosovo institutions informed about the changes & facilities that have been foreseen in these institutions to encourage investors in Kosovo!

Speaking on behalf of investors in Switzerland, the Chairman of RRBSHZ Mr. Qamil Isufi, who emphasized that the involvement of specialists coming from the Diaspora in the implementation of projects and investments in Kosovo, is a guarantee for the continuity and promotion of investments from the Diaspora in Kosovo.

22.06.2019 Bern


Women Alb World attend and observe the Human Rights Council 41 session taking place in Geneva from 24 June- 12 July in United Nations.

Today, WAlbW is attending presantation of the Report by the working group on discrimination against women in law, practice, transitional cooperation and other business enterprises.

We all need to raise awareness for women especially in private sector or business against discrimination in workplaces and to lead by examples.

The United Nations Human Rights Council is a United Nations body whose mission is to promote and protect human rights around the world.

Geneva, 26th June, 2019


The international association Women Alb World is part of the international network in the promotion of Asian culture and tourism.

Women Alb World International Association is part of international network in promoting of culture and tourism in Asia-Pacific Region.

Geneva 27.06.2019


International Association Women Alb World on July 5-7, 2019 participated in: INVEST IN PRIZREN, Forum of co-investments and networking, organized by the Municipality of Prizren & Germin.

The attendance of the WAlbW (Women Alb World) association in this discussion reflected the excitement and positivity of this concrete notion.

Among the successful businessmen, the presence of successful girls and women was evident, starting from the contribution in the realization of this Forum to the unfolding of the journey of their ventures with investments.

Thank you for the invitation and welcome “Invest in Prizren” and see you at other events!


At the invitation of the Ministry of Diaspora and Strategic Investments, the International Association “Women Alb World” participated on July 29 in Pristina, in the conference on the topic “Women in the Diaspora – A powerful dam.

Mrs. Remka Haruglica, a representative of the Association’s International Board, moderated a panel debate on how much and how successfully diaspora women aid in the organization, emancipation, and integration of the rest of society.

We think that by providing personal as well as organized and compact experiences, we will be able to become an “instrument” for the integration of women and girls wherever they live and work..

Together we can!